The king of the seasons: Fall A-Z

Now that the autumnal equinox has finally passed, I can officially declare it the start of my favorite season of the year: Fall! And while I really wanted to write a super insightful blog this week about “On being the slowest hiker” or “The beer of my adopted homeland (aka Wisconsin),” I just couldn’t resist making another fun list. I made it a little harder on myself this time by forcing myself to populate the whole alphabet (definitely semi-cheated on X and Z) with all the fun things about fall.

A — Apples, apple pies, apple cider. And Aaron Rodgers.

B — Boots. All the boots.

C — Color change. So many reds, oranges and yellows.

D — Dead things. (Like leaves and trees… and zombies and vampires)

E — Excellent eating: apples, pies, pumpkin things, tailgating food… seriously all the things.

F — Football. But mostly just Wisconsin Football (because all the other teams just don’t matter): Packers and Badgers.

G — GOURDS! Love me some decorative gourds.

H — Halloween. Haunted houses. Haunted hay-rides. And HOCUS POCUS.

I — Indian Summer.

J — Jack-O-Lanterns. Because pumpkin carving parties aren’t just for children.


jack-o-lanterns… Kenya style–fyi the right one says is giardia (photocred: GOBY)

K — Kit-Kats. So many leftover halloween candy kit-kats. (Sorry kids, they’re mine).

L — Leaves. Leaf piles. (Jumping in leaf piles. Racking leaf piles.)

M — Maple flavored things.

N — [No-shave] November.

O — Orchard adventures.

P — Pumpkin. Seriously, all the pumpkin flavored things.

Q — Quilts! Warm, cozy, glorious quilts.

R — Running. It’s just so much better in the fall.

S — Sweaters, scarves, and [thick] socks.

T — Thanksgiving. Turkey. Eat all the things.

charlie brown thanksgiving

U — Ugg boots. So ugly, but just oh so comfy.

V — Vote. (seriously, please vote.)

W — Weather. Not too cold. Not too hot.

X — Xenial season (i.e. the season of giving thanks)

Y — Yamitty yams.

Z — Zealous feasting.

…I’ll be the only geologist in the geology building rocking leggings, a blanket scarf and ugg boots while carrying at venti pumpkin spiced latte. #noshame