I’ve only been settled in Boulder for a little over a month (and I’m definitely still a Boulder newb), but I thought it was about time to make everyone not living here a little jealous with my gloriously insightful observations in my brand spanking new blog.

There is not a single bad view to be had here. Unless of course, flatirons and snowcapped mountains and forests and grasslands just don’t get your inner nature freak going.


View from South Boulder Peak


View from Bear Peak

Everyone here is fit. Okay, probably not everyone… but when you get passed by 70 year olds on the running trails while sucking some serious wind (which is even more demoralizing by the fact that you could run 6-8 miles at sea level no problem), it’s hard to believe that you’re not the most out of shape person in all of Boulder.

Trailheads are everywhere. Seriously. EVERYWHERE. I’ve never lived somewhere with so many options for exploring the outdoors and so many opportunities for instagramable photos.


Mount Sanitas Trail


Top of Flagstaff


Flagstaff Trail overlooking Boulder Valley

Boulder is a bikers mecca. It seems everyone and their mothers and grandmothers have at least one bike (commuter, mountain, road bike… even those fancy sitting bikes). I can’t say I’ll ever dabble in the world of mountain biking (no way am I coordinated enough for that), but I’ll sure join all the crazy spandex rocking cyclists. Don’t worry lungs, I’ll stay on the flats for awhile.

The weather. When I was here in February, it snowed and then it was 65 degrees and then it snowed again. After the dreary, cold, never-ending Midwestern winters I’ve suffered through most of my life, I can’t say I’ll complain about that. Bonus: the flatirons are probably the most beautiful when covered in snow. As for the summer weather: mornings are mild even when the days are hot. And humidity… what humidity? Seriously, no weather complaints here.

The CU-Boulder campus is beautiful especially with the Flatirons in the background (UW-Madison, you’ve got some serious competition). And for a geologist attending graduate school here… HOLY CRAP. There are so many cool things to see and learn from here, especially from one of the best geology programs in the country (#9 for ‘Best Geology Graduate School Programs’ and #2 for ‘Best Global Universities for Geosciences’).


Farrand Field and the Flatirons

Falling in love with Boulder has been easy, and I honestly can’t think of anything to complain about (except of course not being able to breathe while running… which I’ve clearly already complained about above). I can guarantee that I will throw a tantrum of epic proportions if or when I have to leave after my PhD.