Science on the interwebs

I’m a scientist. And I like science. So, here are some of the sciencey things that I’m reading online. Click the name or the picture of anything below to go on an online science adventure of your own!

A Rattlin’ Blog

Written by one of my closest graduate school friends, this blog offers “A glimpse into the life and research of a PhD student studying beaver dams.”


Debunking 97% Climate Consensus Denial and 97 Hours of Consensus

97% of scientists agree that climate change is HUMAN-CAUSED. That’s 97% people. As in a statistically significant 97%. The Debunking 97% Climate Consensus Denial link above will take you to a wonderful website that throws down some serious climate change knowledge–it’s particularly useful for educating yourself in how to deal with climate change deniers. The 97 Hours of Consensus link above (and picture below) will take you to a page filled with illustrations of 100 REAL-LIFE scientists–97 of them will raise their hand when you click/hover over them to indicate their agreement, while only 3 will get grumpy indicating their disagreement.

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New study questions source of rare Earth metals that provide clues to life’s origins

The beauty of science is that new data can revive old ideas or spark new ones. This article summarizes an interesting debate in the geosciences with respect to Earth’s rare earth elements. And yes, you have geologists to thank for the computer screen you’re currently staring at.


More gravitational waves detected – BBC

While I don’t pretend to understand all of the physics behind this kind of work, IT’S SO DAMN COOL. 89992573_p2_nm_2586-l

New Type of Meteorite Linked to Ancient Asteroid Collision

“In our entire civilization, we have collected over 50,000 meteorites, and no one has seen anything like this one before.” — Dr. Qing-zhu Yin