My name is Brigitta Rongstad. I am a graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder starting my second year of PhD work in paleoceanography and paleoclimatology. My current research is focused on (1) understanding the effect(s) of dissolution on the chemistry of planktic foraminifera shells and (2) using the chemistry of individual planktic foraminifera shells to reconstruct El Niño Southern Oscillation for time periods in Earth’s history when climate was very different from today.

BUT if I had to sum up my research using only four letter words, it would be: I care how acid acts on old dead sea bugs, and I use old dead sea bugs to find out if the sea was hot or cold in the past.


This is me.

I guess I can now officially call myself a Colorado resident, but I most recently reign from the great state of Wisconsin where cheese and beer are plenty. (And sorry Illinois, I’m not counting the year-point-five I was forced to live in you). And while I may never be able to keep up with all the crazies from Colorado, at least everyone can laugh at me when I attempt to ski or rock climb… or even attempt to trail run up a mountain again.

I study, I travel, I hike, I run, I eat (love to eat), and I’m here to write about all of my musings and crazy earth wanderings, both old and new.

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