If cats were geologists

Cats are magnificent beasts. And so are geologists. And because my brain is too fried to write anything else (thanks Matlab and fellowship applications and grading and life), I present a photo montage entitled: If cats were geologists.

The oh my god I just did something horribly, horribly wrong and my data is so, so wrong geologist


The please give me money for science geologist


The eat all the things in sight (including the mystery meat) after a long day in the field geologist


The trying to take a group photo geologist


The just lost your mapping partner and start hearing scary noises in the woods geologistsurprised cat

The freshman geologist cat


The grad student geologist


The after being stuck in the rain all day mapping geologist


The I’m so tired I think I could die after weeks of fieldwork or proposal/grant/thesis writing geologist


The I’m just going to sleep here (after a night of magical liquid consumption) geologistdrunkcat

The you can’t make me go back to the lab geologist


The I’m very skeptical about this data geologist


The how out of shape you feel after months away from the field geologist


The just tried to take a picture of a rock but the selfie cam was on geologist


The this is my rock, this is totally my rock geologist



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